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Officers and State Clubs

State President and Members
at DSFWC Annual Convention
Delaware State Officers 2012-2014

President: Jane Folz
New Castle County Vice President:  Judith Palmer
Sussex County Vice President: Henrietta Belcher-Stack
Kent County Vice President:  Carolyn Forbes
Recording Secretary: Cynthia Angermiere
Corresponding Secretary: Gladys Watkins
Treasurer: Emme Miller
Assistant Treasurer:  Kay Heinold
Custodian of Student Funds:  Muriel Pfeiffer
Parliamentarian:  Betty Truitt
Programs and Partnerships Chairmen
Arts: Nancy Landskroener
Conservation Program: Carmetah Murray
Conservation Partnership: Donna Murray
Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention: Jan Conant
Education and ESO Program: Lydia Livingston
Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation: Sue Davis
Home Life Program: June Otten
International Outreach: Clare Sylves
Legislation / Public Policy: Beverly Hulik
Public Issues: Blanche Carey and Beverly Hulik
President's Special Projects: Mary Homan
GFWC MiddleAtlantic Region:


Federated Clubs - Kent County
GFWC Avon Club of Felton
GFWC Clayton Century Club
GFWC Dover Century Club
GFWC Harrington New Century Club
GFWC Past State President's Club
GFWC Rising Sun Community Club
GFWC Round Table Club of Wyoming-Camden
GFWC Twentieth Century Club of Smyrna

Federated Clubs - New Castle
GFWC New Castle Century Club
GFWC New Century Club of Newark
GFWC Townsend Women's Club
GFWC Woman's Club of Claymont

Federated Clubs - Sussex
GFWC Acorn Club of Seaford
GFWC Laurel New Century Club
GFWC Milton Century Club
GFWC Selbyville Community Club
Club Management
Public Relations and Communications: Rita Hollada
Federation Day: Terry Wright
Leadership: Carolyn Forbes
Membership: Judy Kirkey
Resolutions: Grace Arles
Women's History: Mary Emma Tisinger
Awards, Contests and Grants
Community Improvement: Carla Pyle
Jennie Awards: Grace Arles
Media Campaign: Rita Hollada
Newsletter: Emme Miller
Photography Contests: Elayne Cannarozzi
Writing Contests: Mary Pauer