GFWC Delaware Clubs - Organized 1898

“Celebrating 125 years of 

Volunteer Community Service”

24 Clubs Statewide 900+ Membership 

Kent County GFWC Delaware Clubs (9 total):

The Dover Century Club (2nd oldest club in GFWC Delaware)

Organized 1897 – Federated 1898 Bobby Jones, Club President

Avon Club of Felton 

Organized 1895 – Federated 1898 Sandy Wood, Club President

GFWC Round Table Club of Wyoming / Camden

Organized 1901 – Federated 1901 Ann Alexander, Club President

Harrington New Century Club

Organized 1909 – Federated 1909 Beverly Turner, Club President

Rising Sun Community Club

Organized 1915 – Federated 1917 Steffanie Day, Club President

Clayton Century Club

Organized 1920 – Federated 1923 Gladys Hill, Club President

GFWC DSFWC Past President’s Club 

Organized 1927 – Federated 1994 Rita Hollada, Club President

GFWC Federation Guild Association, Inc. 

Organized 2002 – Federated 2002 Sue Simon, Club President

GFWC Blue Hen Chicks 

Organized 2022 – Federated 2022  Phyllis Milano, Club President

Sussex County GFWC Delaware Clubs (9 total):

GFWC Zwaanendael Women’s Club

Organized 1905 - Federated 1905 Lynn Barberi Ed.D, Club President

Laurel New Century Club

Organized 1909 - Federated 1911 Bonnie Fischer, Club President

Delmar New Century Club

Organized 1912 - Federated 1912 Theresa Souder, Club President

Selbyville Community Club

Organized 1916 - Federated 1917 Debby Hiob, Club President

Village Improvement Association of Rehoboth Beach

Organized 1909 - Federated 1923 Kate McKenzie, Club President

GFWC Acorn Club of Seaford, Inc

Organized 1902 - Federated 1924 Cathy Young, Club President

Women’s Club of Milton

Organized 1973 - Federated 1973 Debby Pecoraro, Club President

GFWC Woman's Club of Indian River

Organized 2007 - Federated 2007 Mindy Goss, Club President

For more information, contact Lynn Thompson- 

GFWC Impact

Organized 2020 Kitty Ambers, Club President

New Castle County GFWC Delaware Clubs (3 total):


Jessie the Giraffe 




Plus One (1)

The Dover Century Club

GFWC Federation Guild Association

Past State President’s Club

Rising Sun Community Club 

Zwaanendael Club


Plus Two (2)

Women’s Club of Odessa


Plus Three (3)

Clayton Century Club

Women’s Club of Milton 


Plus Twelve (12)

Selbyville Community Club

Women’s Club of Indian River


PLUS Twenty-One (21)

GFWC Blue Hen Chicks





Carole Suchanek, Chairman & Shirley Fleegle, Jerry Travers, Carol Sheats

The GFWC Delaware Membership Committee

Newark New Century

Organized 1893 - Federated 1903 Claire Sylves, Club President

Women’s Club of Odessa, Inc.

Organized 1954 - Federated 1955 Carla Pyle, Club President

For more information, contact Carol Sheats - 

Townsend Women’s Club

Organized 1972 - Federated 1972 Ginny Poore, Club President

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