Member Resources

Documents and Resources to Assist Club Leaders and Members

Numerous documents and resources are available to assist our Leaders and Members.  Below we've listed helpful links.  Should you have additional questions, please feel free to email

2020 Holiday Ornament Contest WinnersLittle Hedgehog submitted by Christy Swiger of Rising Sun Community Club; Fox Scene from Lynn Thompson of Women's Club of Indian River

Idea Sharing among all of the Delaware Clubs during Convention

Jane DiMondi, Dover Century Club,  accepting award for most colorful sailboat design

Club Member and Organizational Advancement Areas

Click the links below to learn more through the GFWC Advancement Guides.

Member & Youth Contests


Are you a storyteller? Share your creativity and inspire others. Use your own life experiences to create fictional narratives and poetry. GFWC sponsors this creative writing contest for members and community youth to foster community spirit, talents, and growth.

CLICK HERE for more information and waivers.


The GFWC Photography Contests encourage artistic expression, while recognizing achievement in photography.

CLICK HERE for the Photography Contest details.

The GFWC Creative Arts Waiver is available HERE.

Fundraising Award Winner, Clayton Century Club

Club Contests & Awards


The GFWC Newsletter Contest encourages clubs and State Federations to establish a strong newsletter program aimed at increasing awareness about ongoing projects, programs, events and issues that affect GFWC members and communities.  CLICK HERE for more information.


The GFWC Website Contest aims to challenge clubs and State Federations to employ their websites as membership tools with organized and updated content that presents a professional and credible source of information.  CLICK HERE for more information.


The GFWC Community Impact Program Award aims to enhance the lives of our neighbors around the world by meeting community-specific needs that heighten the community’s awareness of the GFWC organization.   CLICK HERE for information.


The GFWC Jennie Award honors one Clubwoman for each GFWC Region for Outstanding Commitment to Club, Community and Family.  Club members are chosen by their clubs to compete at state, region, and national levels for the Federation’s highest honor.   CLICK HERE for information.

Women's Club of Odessa - 2021 Yard Sale